I have no idea what day it is.

Last night I was at the Opera with Miranda, seeing The Marriage of Figaro. I got to see the dress rehearsal and tweet as the Opera Ninja a few weeks ago, so it was fun to see it in an official capacity and also how the production was ever so slightly different. Figaro is my favourite opera to date – it’s still hilarious that I am able to say that with any air of authority – and seeing it again confirmed this for me.

However, I am not used to opera on Tuesday – it’s sort of a Thursday night thing for me, so today feels like Friday. Compounding matters is my missing Monday, making today my Tuesday – but I also have actual Friday off, so today is my Thursday as well. It feels like every day except Wednesday. Did everything just taste purple for a second?

It came to light last night that I, a denizen of the internet for these last 18 years and one who surely ought to know better, do not have a “Contact Me” page or section anywhere on my website. I mentioned this to Miranda, who was incredulous at my oversight – how can I not have a contact page? I don’t even have my email address listed anywhere! It’s not my fault, though – I often assume everyone is inside my head with me, and in here it’s, like, totally obvious that my email address is kimli at this domain dot com – but she laughed at me for quite a while anyway. And this morning when I told Ed about our conversation, HE laughed at me as well. So .. I’ll make a contact page. Then everyone will be able to contact me all over the place, at any time. Maybe marketing companies will invite me to diaper launches!

I am currently enjoying a big heaping plate of schadenfreude, and these sour grapes are *delicious*.


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