lost finale speculation

.. as delivered by someone who’s never watched Lost:

.. I may not watch a lot of TV, but I sure know a lot of useless stuff.

bring back public hangings

First on the docket will be the guy in Toronto who, if I haven’t responded to his email promptly, will WHINE TO MY BOSS that I’m not working. He does this all the time, as recently as yesterday – an email sent at 9am hadn’t been answered by noon (because I was BUSY), so he escalated to my boss TWICE to complain that I hadn’t gotten back to him. Seriously? Do you not have enough work to do that you sit around hitting F9 to see if people have replied to your messages? Do you have a stopwatch? This is rage-inducing and pathetic. Perhaps I will go whine to HIS boss that he is being a bully.

Today I am covered up in honour of George and the CBC!


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