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So, a monk, a hillbilly, a jock and a nerd were walking down the street all wearing “PRO-LIFE” t-shirts.

If anyone knows the punchline to this, please let me know. We saw them walking south down Boundary at Lougheed yesterday around 4:30, but couldn’t figure out what the fuck – I didn’t see them quickly enough to run them over (also I was on my scooter and Lola is far too important to risk damaging on the bodies of religious whackjobs), and there’s always a chance it was ironic ignorance as opposed to real ignorance. Four young guys dressed up in costumes wearing matching PRO-LIFE t-shirts? That has to be a joke, right?

Shit – it doesn’t appear to be a joke. Well, that puts a sour note on my Tuesday morning. Get your ignorant, moronic bullshit out of my uterus, assholes.

On paper my weekend was busy and full of fun, but in reality, it was uncharacteristically quiet both online and off. If I look back, I did a lot of things – set up my Mac, made 4 batches of pot cookies, went to a party, washed Lola, enjoyed a Breakfast of Kings – but it doesn’t feel as though I was productive; nor am I well-rested and ready to take on the week. I spent much of yesterday feeling cranky and out of sorts for no particular reason, so I’ll blame everything on that.

I *should* be excited, but I’m not there yet. We leave for vacation next Friday morning, but I’ve done surprisingly little by way of planning: we’ve got the hotel reservation for Sunday-Tuesday, and that’s it. I don’t even really know our route; we’re going to head south and get on the 101 and .. see what happens. I know it’ll be fun and I get to spend 3 days in Portland, but right now I’m just tired. I need .. something. Perhaps more caffeine.

72 bottles of diet coke on the wall, 72 bottles of diet coke ..


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