you win this round, common sense

I did go to the Apple store to plead my case – give me a free iPod Touch – but I left empty handed, after talking to nobody.

Because this is the sensible thing to do, you see.

I still think I should qualify for the deal, because I bought my iMac 3 days before it was announced. If I had known, I would have waited. That being said, I went to the store and read the fine print – it’s a mail-in rebate for the cost of the iPod, meaning you pay for it up front and eventually get your money back. When I had been buying my computer, I may very well have gone for the deal in the heat of the moment. Taking time to think about it, however, made me realize just how stupid it would be to spend $250 on something I don’t need, just for fun. And then what? I’d be stuck with a piece of hardware I have less than zero need for; not even half a little. I already HAVE a 16GB iPod Touch that’s collecting dust on my nightstand; why would I add an 8GB Touch to it? That would be stupid, so I didn’t do it and instead I bought a taco. It came with free tomatoes; no mail-in rebate required.

That was all my energy and common sense for the month, though. I am completely knackered, and moments away from being made into glue.

Things that are less clammy than me at this moment:

  • Your 8th grade crush
  • A round of spicy Caesars at the bar
  • Actual clams

I hate being sick.

sick as a bat (but more fun than that)

As you might be able to tell by my lack of words, I have collapsed into myself and died. I am posting this from an alternate timeline; one in which I do not have the death cold that is making its way around my circle of friends. In this timeline, my throat doesn’t feel as though I spent the weekend fellating sandpaper, my head isn’t paralyzed with rage and/or island rhythms, and I’m not trying to push a watermelon through my left fallopian tube. I doubt the last one has anything to do with this cold, but it fucking hurts and these cramps could stop any time now. Hey, stupid eggs. There’s nowhere for you to go. Why don’t you just lie down and dissolve into goo already.

I don’t have time to be sick, but if I had to be sick, I’d rather it was this week than next. I did have to miss a fancy tango party last night, but I am determined to be well enough to do my duties tonight: Madama Butterfly opens at the Vancouver Opera on Saturday, and I’ve received a call to arms. I’ll be at the dress rehearsal tonight, acting as Opera Ninja – follow along on Twitter for some top secret behind-the-scenes opera snark.

I have to admit, I LOVE being the Opera Ninja; even more than attending the actual opera. For one, I get to have my laptop out and in use during the performance. Also, I tend to get the entire orchestra section to myself; something that’ll come in very handy tonight for me and my germs. I’ve got an extremely short attention span (as most of us do these days – hey, is that a bird?), so multitasking during the opera is very natural to me. What ISN’T natural is sitting still for 3 whole hours and not checking email or Twitter or the internet. All hail the Opera Ninja! Here’s to behaving myself on someone else’s Twitter stream!

I’m slowly but surely settling into life on a Mac, but it’s not without some swearing. Getting my iPhone squared away has been the biggest challenge; because I was on Windows before there’s no easy way to transfer my library from one machine to another. I had to manually move around 700 songs, and started the new library from scratch which was an enormous pain in the ass. I still haven’t synced (sunc?) my apps; I would have to delete all 300 and reinstall them all which would remove all my saved games and important lists and I just can’t do that. There are other hiccups too – I can’t RDP into my Mac, and I sorely miss the things I would do on my home computer that I can’t do at work. I’m constantly pressing the wrong keys – control + ? at home; alt + ? at work. All those stupid little Shockwave games I used to play are now a thing of the past – they won’t run on MacOS. Moving my pointer to the corner of my screen does nothing in Windows 7, and it makes me sad.

.. but Leonidas is seventeen kinds of sexy, and I am enjoying the amount of power I now wield (even if most of it is going unharnessed just yet).

I have to go back to the Apple store today at lunch to see if they’ll give me a free iPod. Can’t hurt to ask, right? Sure, I don’t need it – I’ll likely either sell it or give it away – but if I had known they’d be offering a free iPod with purchase of a Mac less than 4 days after I bought mine, I’d have waited. So, I’m off to ask. Assuming I make it there without collapsing.

I want to go back to bed. Hopefully I won’t pass out or vomit on anyone today.

happy ninja is happy


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