pretend you like me

I’m trying to win a contest, kinda: Hipstamatic is calling for photo entries using their Dali GoodPak. I’ve entered a couple of shots so far – if you like them, can you please tweet the info under the image? That would be super. If I win, I will grow a wacky Dali-esq mustache and give out bristly kisses.

like it? tweet "'I LIKE THIS IMAGE OK: by @kimli #hipstamatic plz RT"

like it? tweet "LOL MELTING IS RAD: by @kimli #hipstamatic plz RT"

I’m pretty sure I can do better, so I might have more entries later – but I kinda like these ones too. If you do as well (or even if you hate them, hence the pretending part), tweet up a storm for me so Hipstamatic takes notice. Each tweet containing the picture URL and #hipstamatic is an entry, and the grand prize is a trip to the museum in Florida. Don’t so much care about Florida or flying, but I love Dali’s art and adventure, so I thought I’d throw my goggles into the ring.

Shameless plug: done!


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