so many cherries

In the grand scheme of things, my frosty detour (not to be confused with a Frosty detour, which is delicious) was not such a big deal. I did not realize that most of downtown would be closed off for ceremonies so early, forcing Lola and I to go the long way around to get to the office. If this is the biggest hurdle I face today – and even if it’s not, really – I will be grateful for the sacrifices made by my countrymen that allowed me to whine about they trivial things that they literally died for.

It’s very cold in the office today – I forgot they turn off the heat when no one is around. I may have to abuse the hot chocolate machine to warm myself up – it’s either that, or put on gloves.

The more I play with the Phoster app, the more I like it. I have it on my iPad, and I use it to do things like this:

look at them all

Nothing deep or meaningful; just a whole lot of cherries. This makes me laugh, a lot. I am nothing if not simple.



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