the big bang theory theory

Now that episodes of The Big Bang Theory are in syndication, I’ve been trying to get into it to see what all the fuss is about.

And .. I kind of hate the show.

My distaste makes no sense to me – it’s a show about nerds, doing nerdy things, starring nerds that I’ve had a crush on since Roseanne. The theme song is sung by nerds, and .. you know, nerds. Everywhere. And yet, I hate it all over the place.

I really wanted to like it, and I gave it a bunch of solid tries before I threw in the towel. It’s not that it’s not funny – we watched last night’s episode to see Wil Wheaton’s cameo, and I laughed out loud at Mayim Bialik‘s lines a few times – but the rest of the show leaves me seriously cold, and I’ve thought at length as to why.

It’s the laugh track.

The laugh track tries SO HARD to make sure you know that SOMETHING FUNNY IS BEING SAID AND NOW YOU SHOULD LAUGH that it seriously turns me off. I’m a nerd; I KNOW this stuff is funny. It’s right up my alley. The laugh track is so forced though that the entire thing feels like pandering; like the audience is being talked down to. It makes me really uncomfortable, and that’s why I don’t enjoy the show.

I know the core audience isn’t nerds – it’s people who like Two and a Half Men and stuck around to see what else is on – but that doesn’t mean the laugh track has to be so pointed and obvious. It takes the funny situation or exchange and turns it into slapstick for dumb people, and I can’t handle it. I don’t like being pandered to, and the show is nothing but.

It’s too bad – I could really get into it if not for that really loud, jarring noise every time someone opens their mouth.




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