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Update: I got the SD Card out. All I had to do was disconnect every cable from my Mac, unplug it, take it off my desk and shake it a little until enough of the card poked out for me to grab it with a Procter and Gamble cookie recipe from 1998 (don’t ask). I’ll let Renee post her pics on her own site, but here are mine:


i'm universal, baby

I am pretty sure I just leveled up as a nerd.

Better pics to come as it heals up and junk!

Renee and I got tattoos today (not the same tattoo; I already have a lesbian life partner in Ali). I would love to show you the pictures that we took while getting inked, but I can’t – I stuck the SD Card with the images into the DVD Drive of my iMac, and I can’t get the card out. My iMac ate it. It’s gone. I’ve tried scissors, a butter knife, a bamboo spoon and an actual CD, but nothing.

I would like to blame this on the fact that I am beyond exhausted – I couldn’t fall asleep last night no matter what I tried, and was still tossing and turning at 5am – but I’ve actually done it before. I’ve always been able to get the card out before it disappeared into the carnivorous depths of my computer, but this time my extraction methods are not up to the task.


Pictures of tattoos coming, assuming I can get the card out without having to break out the chainsaw. All I have are the phone images taken during the tattooing. Can you guess what the tattoos are of?

renee getting inked

my turn


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