urge to purge

It’s no secret that I have a lot of stuff. There’s no real way to categorize it; it’s just .. stuff. Piles upon piles of stuff. I try to keep it under control and I do a fairly good job of it, but every now and again I find myself envious of those with minimalistic living areas – like right now. I’m going through all my stuff and sorting it into four piles: garbage, donate, recycle, pawn off on friends. It’s very slow going, and it doesn’t help that the majority of my stuff is awesome. It’s almost impossible to part with books (although I’ve been very, very good about not acquiring any new ones); you’ll pry my various video game swag from my tiny dead hands, and I actively use the rest of it. What’s left to get rid of, other than the people who complain about the clutter? Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong – my stuff is FINE. The people who complain about my stuff? THEY’VE GOT TO GO!

I do need to clean out my cosmetics mountain, though. I donate all of my barely-used makeup and lotions to WISH once a year, and it’s about that time.

I’ve been trying to make my workspace a little less cluttered, too. I took down all my tiny little pictures and stickers, and classed things up a bit with some prints:

now it is classy!

The Autobot, Decepticon and Alice in Wonderland prints are by Dave Perillo; I love his stuff and bought them off his Etsy page. I’m going to get some mats for them this weekend, but wanted to put them up now because they’re awesome. The Hunter S. Thompson print (which is usually shortened to HST, making for some confusing conversations) is from LTD Tee; it came with the t-shirt I bought for Josh. I think this new wall says a lot about the things I am All About: Transformers, contempt for authority, and literary nonsense likely fueled by drugs. Oh, and video games. I love video games.

I just realized that I can’t wear my plaid Docs until my tattoo heals up. Damnit! Oh, these first world problems will be the mild irritant of me!


One Response to “urge to purge”

  1. Erin Says:

    So, you know the show, ‘Hoarders’? Yeah, I organize all the junk removal crews for that; I’ve been to a couple of shoots and gone through the keep-donate-toss process with the homeowners. This phrase: “my stuff is FINE. The people who complain about my stuff? THEY’VE GOT TO GO!” is kind of their mantra. Just sayin’… ;-)

    For reals, though, your stuff is awesome and not covered in mice poop, so you’re probably good.

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