2011: let’s do this

Happy New Year!

Each year I have a “wish list” of things that I’d like to accomplish in the new year. They’re never resolutions, which are preordained fail – but it’s nice to start a new year off with a fresh slate; an entire year ahead of you to get some stuff done and make some positive changes.

What did I want to accomplish in 2010?

  • Use the fancy new gym downstairs
  • Graduate kollege
  • Scoot to Seattle
  • Spend more time in Portland
  • More scandals!
  • Go swimming
  • Survive the Olympics
  • Do more crafty things
  • Have all the fun ever

Hmm. Can’t say I knocked a lot of those out of the park, and the ones I DID do I’d have to put a disclaimer on: the scandals were just lame drama; I did SOME crafty things but could have done more; there was a great deal of fun that I didn’t have so clearly I didn’t have all of the fun available to me to have. I’ll work on that for the upcoming year, along with these things:

  • Finally scoot to Seattle (dependent on Ed getting a motorcycle)
  • Fly somewhere exotic
  • Hang out with more people doing awesome things
  • Plan fewer things. I originally had a huge tirade written for this topic but was urged not to post it – I will simply say that I will spend less time planning fun group things, as I am apparently the only one who found them any fun at all. Instead, I will DO fun things, and if anyone wants to come along, awesome. I don’t know how successful I’ll be at this; since this morning I’ve already planned three different activities with various people. This may have been the least amount of time to have broken a goal ever!
  • Cook more! I like cooking.
  • Buy fewer apps >:E
  • Volunteer somewhere and do some good
  • Be happy
  • Make my own adventures
  • Continue to be my own party wherever I go
  • Attempt to do some “official” blogging – there has to be SOMEONE out there who wants juicy, flavourful event coverage .. right?

Those will do, I think. What are your goals for 2011? What do you hope to see in the year ahead? All the best to everyone ever – now let’s go out and have some fun!


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