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I am haunted by this iPod shuffle.

I won a green 4GB shuffle (3rd gen) at our work Christmas party. It is very small and cute, but I don’t need it – I got my coveted orange 16GB nano for Christmas, which holds all my music and then some (not to mention the 12+GB free I now have on my iPhone). I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it as Ed doesn’t want it and it seems silly to keep it for no reason. I tried to exchange it at half a dozen stores, but you can’t actually return iDevices without a receipt or proof that you didn’t steal it from somewhere. Since I can’t prove I’m not a criminal mastermind, I’m stuck with this cute little thing I have absolutely no use for.

So that’s where the internet comes in.

If you or someone you know desperately needs a new MP3 player, leave a comment below. Saddest sob story wins. Are you still using a 1st gen device? A Zune? A portable CD player? You poor, poor soul. Tell me all about it, and I’ll give the iPod shuffle to the neediest commenter. You’ve got until January 7th to make me feel sorry for you – go!

domos not included


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