random housekeeping

I suppose there’s a pun in there somewhere, as my floor is a complete disaster of drywall and insulation thanks to this:

there's no ceiling cat because i don't masturbate in the kitc .. oh who am i kidding, of course i do

They cut a hole in our ceiling to find the leak, which was thought to be the fault of a sprinkler on our balcony. This was problematic for a variety of reasons; the foremost being that the sprinkler is in our unit meaning it’s our responsibility – except it’s actually on the balcony which is a “limited common area” and is therefore the building’s problem. We were worried that we’d have to dip into our epic savings/home insurance to deal with this when the building guys discovered that the leak isn’t due to the sprinklers at all – it’s definitely coming from Stompy Clomps, regardless of what she says. Until they get that sorted out, we have an industrial fan in our kitchen, a big hole in our ceiling, and drywall everywhere. I hate ceilings. They are no good at all.

Random Two: What the fuck, Diner Dash:

no. just .. no.

Random Three: Now that I’ve sworn off credit-fueled iTunes Spending, I’m relying on gift cards to get my fix. I bought one on Monday, but in my eagerness to shoot up, I scratched too hard and obliterated the first three characters of the redemption code. I tried to figure out what they were, but it was a lost cause and I didn’t know what to do – was I really going to be out the $25? Don’t hold out on me, man!

Luckily, iTunes has a fix for this. If you screw up a gift card, you can email them via the website and ask for help. You’ll have to provide as much of the access code as you’re able, along with the serial number of the card and where it was purchased, but with those pieces of information they can find the corresponding code in their database and send it to you. This is really, really useful – I actually had no idea I removed THREE characters from my code; I thought I only lost one. Thanks to iTunes Support, I now have $25 in my account for random app goodness (well, $22.78 now, and $15.75 in my US account). Bring on the apps!

Random Four: Check out my craft area!


Okay more specifically, check out the walls of my craft area. I wanted to jazz up the walls a bit, but was hesitant to put holes because I don’t have anything that I’m dying to display. Then I remembered that I bought some reusable sticker frames from Photojojo a while ago but hadn’t used them yet – they’d be perfect for this. Hanging actual photographs is for newbs (and I didn’t have any; all my images are digital) so I cut up some random craft paper I liked and went to town. The result? Awesome wall art I can change out any time I want! When my mom leaves, I might even hang up some porn! Or .. put it in the bathroom! Yeah, I like that idea. Framed porn in the bathroom. What? I’m classy!

Random Five:

come, english, give us a hug



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