warm it up kris

I’ve finally cast off the shackles of being irredeemably, unfathomably cold: I bought a space heater AND an electric blanket. I may be a walking fire hazard, but at least I’m toasty warm and if shit catches fire, that’ll just make me even warmer. It’s win-win! I can’t believe I waited this long to get things that warm up deliciously like this. My ongoing coldness is something of a running joke around here – when I get Kimli cold, there is no turning back and it takes nothing short of near-boiling water to bring my flesh up to room temperature – but now I am awesome and heated and I wonder if you can make clothing out of this stuff? I would so wear a heated dress.

One of my very few complaints about our home is that the fireplace is fake-ass fake. It’s electric, so the flames are just for show and do nothing in terms of making me any less cold. Yeah, there’s a heater, but the warm air comes out the top and not from the fire near the ground which is where my cold frozen body usually is. Even a gas fireplace throws out real heat from real fire – ours is dumb. So, I have a space heater and now an electric blanket that I might just marry, seeing as we’re in Canada and all. Oh how I love being warm!

Today I will be redeeming my Girlmas gift from Shan and Miranda, and will finish the day with blue hair. Pictures to come!

What’s on deck for your Saturday?



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