you didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you

you know, for a second there .. yeah. i kinda did.

3 Responses to “you didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you”

  1. Christopher Libby Says:

    Tarantino? C’mon, challenge yourself – how ’bout some Stanley Donnen, Vincente Minnelli, or George Sidney movies?

    • kimli Says:

      See, the thing is .. I don’t watch many movies. Of all the movie scenes I’ve done, I’ve actually watched .. well, this movie. I have to do a LOT of research on these, coz I haven’t seen Say Anything or the Breakfast Club or 300. Those names you listed .. I have NO idea who they are. To Wikipedia!

  2. mmxi in review « delicious juice dot com: unapologetically inappropriate Says:

    [...] August: Did more Lego. Fancy Taco Friday! Booked a trip to London! Tried to become the Poet Laureate of Vancouver. Was incredulous. Found out I had a dead uncle. Was not serious enough at work. Had pigeons! Did crafts! Rescued the stupid pigeons! Saw one of my best friends get married! Flashed all of downtown Vancouver. Free ice cream with a side of church! Put things in a locket at the request of Twitter. Lost all my historic data thanks to a fatal hard drive explosion that I totally caused. Had scooter issues (that were later resolved); half-assedly did PAX 11. Killed Bill! [...]

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