for science

Never let it be said that I am not willing to take one for the team:

holiday pie!

holiday pie!

This is Holiday Pie. It is available at select McDonald’s in the US, apparently. In Canada, we do not have such a thing.

Holiday Pie, according to the McDonald’s website, is “Creamy smooth, vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles.” Served hot, it is obviously a delectable taste sensation. How could I pass up the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit once and for all by ingesting hot custard pie?

It looked and smelled like an exploded Pop Tart, tasted like eating a hot, chunky Boston Creme donut, and had the mouth-feel of an egg tart from Chinatown.

It was not something I would recommend, or try again. Once was enough.

Still, if I had to choose .. I’d rather eat the Festive US Holiday Pie than the Festive Canadian Holiday Pie, which I haven’t even been able to bring myself to try (it’s After Eight-flavoured. Yeah, hot mint creme is a fantastic idea. Thumbs up!). Even for science, I choose my battles wisely.

I have to be up in less than 5 hours to catch a variety of flights back home. Please don’t lose my luggage again, Westjet. I have laundry to do.

Holiday Pie!

3 Responses to “for science”

  1. michelle mccann (@michellemccann) Says:

    i feel the need to share that mcdonald’s (at least my local one … maybe it’s a test to see if diabetes rates increase in the truro, ns area) has “after eight” pies. chocolate with a mint filling. i haven’t tried one because they scare me a little. a lot.

  2. mmxiii in review | delicious juice dot com: unapologetically inappropriate Says:

    […] day, and spent the rest of my time in Chicago working and exploring my heart out. Took one for Team Science! Lost my wallet at the Christmas Market, but got it back the following day in an ongoing trend. Had […]

  3. Creampie Says:

    Who doesn’t love a hot cream pie?

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