too naughty

Tweet Deck just gave me the following error message:

Twitter Status: Forbidden by Twitter


I am literally *beaming* with delight and pride!

eight is (hopefully not) enough

Delicious Juice Dot Com is 8 years old today. Hooray!

Each year we hit this milestone I am amazed anew – I never knew I had so much to say, or that people would still be reading me after all this time.  I know it’s just a dumb little website, but I’m very fond of it and a little proud, too. I’ve thought a couple times about ending it, but the notion usually lasts for about 3 seconds before I realize that I don’t *want* to stop writing and I *like* having a blog and even when I am not dazzlingly entertaining, someone will be out there reading what I had to say. That is a very comforting thought, not in the least because if I slipped in the shower and broke my neck, eventually someone would wonder why I haven’t been posting and maybe try to find me before the cats could eat my face.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for a present, because it is my e-birthday: please deleurk and say hello. There’s been a lot of traffic ’round these parts but very little activity in the comments, so please take the time to say hi. If you’re new here, introduce yourself! If you’re old here, tell me what your favourite Delicious Juice post is! Stroke my ego – it’s my birthday, and I’ll be a diva if I want to.

Okay, it’s not MY birthday, but you get the idea.

Hooray for 8 years of Delicious Juice Dot Com! Here’s hoping I never run out of things to say!

festive domo enjoys your company

festive domo enjoys your company

twenty five things

Mike tagged me over on Facebook, and since I was too lazy to think of anything to post today, I thought I would do as he asked.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

The real challenge will be coming up with 25 things I haven’t already said, but here goes: Read the rest of this entry »


I normally don’t post these things, but all three of these cracked my shit up:

Read the rest of this entry »

happy to see you

Josh – who may or may not have been making a Facebook profile for his cat – came across this and sent it to me:

Facebook found my secret penis. Naturally, it is huge.

Wanna see?

happy birthday, inanimate intangible object

Delicious Juice Dot Com is seven years old today. Hooray! A great many words have spewed forth from these fingers, and for some reason, you keep reading them. To all my readers past, present and future – thank you. Also, why. But mostly, thank you. :)

Seven year is a very long time!

save me, al gore

For several unsettling and globe-warming minutes this morning, I was the meat in a Porsche Cayenne/Original Hummer sandwich. My smug hippie self felt very superior (albeit a little apprehensive; I sort of expected the drivers of the ridiculous SUVs to jump out and start beating me with bibles and right-wing rhetoric at the stop light) on my scooter, especially since I had just filled the tank for $4.20 (duuuuude) and I was secure in my knowledge that my emissions, even if I had spent the entire night eating baked beans and cabbage rolls, would never come even remotely close to that of just one of the yuppie death machines boxing me in.

That may just be the most convoluted sentence I’ve ever written. Sweet!

Northern Voice was excellent. I’m very glad I swallowed my fear of people and went; it was really interesting and I met some cool people. My only wish for the event was that there were more opportunities to discuss stuff for non-important blogs – I thought the sessions and discussions were very centered on Blogs With a Purpose (advertising items or services or people, business blogs, specific-topic blogs) as opposed to those that exist for the pleasure of existing. Granted, I think I was in a very small minority (people who blog because if they don’t get words out in some way they will explode in a big sticky mess) as most of the attendees seemed to have themselves a Purpose. Also, the conference needed more video games. Hell, everything needs more video games.

Other than that though, I thought it was great. I’m already looking forward to next year, and I’d recommend it to pretty much anyone who has any sort of content on the internets at all. Good times!

And finally, Regrettable Things Ed Said Over the Weekend: “Ooh, she’s a GMILF!”

needed: words

I need some cool words.

Specifically, I need one word to describe me – something short and memorable and would look good in a URL.

This is what happens when someone buys your name and parks it forever and ever.

So, please help – if you had to describe me in one word, what would it be?

nothern voice live blogging

08:02: I’ve been mistaken for a trumpet-playing sea bus pirate. I am beyond disappointed that I am not that person instead of just me.

09:00: They’re withholding the coffee until 10:15am. This doesn’t bother me too much, but I can see an entire lecture hall full of sleepy, hungover hipsters.

09:15: There’s another EEE PC here, but I’m fairly confident that mine is cooler (glitter stickers go a long way in making you stand out as a secret 8-year-old girl).

09:20: Someone in this hall smells reeeeally good.

09:23: Note to self: when you panic later because you can’t find your cell phone, remember that you put it in your bra. If someone calls me, my left boob is going to get a thrill it won’t soon forget.

09:25: Sponsor love, but I’d also like to give some love to Corinna – she couldn’t make the event, so I’m here in her place. Thank you, Corinna!

09:30: Matt Mullenweg is the keynote speaker, which is cool since I’m actually using WordPress as we (he) speak(s). :O !!

09:36: I appear to be sitting directly in front of Statler and Waldorf.

09:39: America’s Favourite Stains? Oh P&G, how far you’ve .. uh .. *cough*

09:44: Matt says we need to remove friction. :( I *like* friction.

09:53: Anything that takes our attention away is spam. This is excellent – I don’t have a short attention span, I am just being spammed 24/7 :E

09:53: Josh, this’ll make you happy – apparently I *AM* the only person in the world who uses Yahoo.

09:58: I am amused that Procter and Gamble – a NV sponsor – is being picked on. This is completely because they laid me off in 2001 (yes, everything is about me). Take note, employers of me! I will eventually get you in the end!

10:02: There’s a screen full of YouTube comments on the big screen, and it’s making my head hurt – illiterate internetters should be shot segregated on a monster-filled island taught how to write a coherent sentence

10:16: I need to pee.

10:20: Matt claims WordPress users are smarter and more attractive than other internet software users, and I so agree. Damn, I’m brilliant and sexy!

10:23: One of the main reasons I moved to WordPress from Ali’s homebrew was because of the spam – Akismet is absolutely fantastic for stopping 99% of the comment and trackback spam I get, and for this reason alone I want to hug the keynote speaker and maybe pinch his butt.

10:29: I am live blogging while I pee. No exaggeration at all; this sentence is being typed atop a UBC toilet. I am a very classy girl.

10:48: Attending Is advertising killing blogging?

10:52: Interactive questioning – do you have ads on your blog? I spoke up – I do not have blogs on my website because it is a 100% personal site with no value to anyone else on the internet but me. I still get pressure from people to put ads on my site; people who think I *should* be making money for what I do. It’s a nice thought, but a) I don’t want to force even more internet ads on people, and b) I write for my own pleasure and honestly don’t think I’m “good” enough to earn money for what I produce.

11:00: Man, imagine the ads that would appear if I DID use Google Ads or AdSense – it would make my website even less safe for work than I already tend to be.

11:01: VAGINAS ARE AWESOME!!! I also like wangs!

11:01.5: See?

11:16: University is dangerous. So far I’ve fallen down a step while sitting in my chair, and just now I knocked my cup off my desk (which was kindly returned by the speaker). Maybe it is a good thing I am not a university student.

11:30: Attending From Book to Blog or Blog to Book

11:34: The internet here is very spotty – my signal is strong but I can’t get out. Booooo!

11:38: I am jealous of published bloggers. One day I will learn to write many pages on one subject that more or less follows a chronological order and makes sense and stuff.

11:42: Every once in a while someone will say something that makes me remember that people – people who aren’t me or Ed – will read stuff that I put on the internet. I’ve been doing this for almost 7 years now, and I still get a huge jolt of “oh shit” when I realize that this stuff is NOT private – but then I feel very cozy inside when I remember that I don’t *want* the privacy, and I really like doing this.

11:48: “A blog is a great container for all the things I do” – Pete McCormack. Hell yes!

11:51: “unsemicolonic” is my new favourite word

12:10: Meg Tilly really, really likes blogging. It’s cute!

12:12: I want someone to follow me around all day with a boom mike. That would be really cool. Reilly wants a video crew, but I’m afraid of video – I sound and write a lot better than I look (or so the gaming communities have rather unkindly drilled into my head)

12:16: There are rumours of Mexican food being served soon. I love Northern Voice – meet some bloggers, get a free taco!

13:07: I poked the wood and it hurt my finger :(

13:14: Raincity Studios is giving out some t-shirts, and I ended up with the Space Invader shirt – how incredibly appropriate :D

13:27: I remove the quotes from the title of this post – I really kind of actually am live blogging for real, not for fakes.

13:28: . . then I fixed it, because “live logging” is something entirely different (although equally Canadian)

13:30: Attending 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story (because clearly I need more ways to say more things)

13:47: The idea of telling a story in different media types is kind of neat, but the big thing I’m getting here is having the ability to tell a media-rich (do I get bonus points for using buzz words?) story in 60 or so seconds. This, I cannot do – I currently use one medium to tell a story (this site) and it takes me a VERY LONG TIME to get any sort of point across to my audience. A perfect example: that last sentence. I dearly love words and frequently use a variety of euphemisms or adjectives to say in 28 words what I could cover in one. I wonder if I’d be any good at another type of blog – photo, video, audio.

14:06: I have the post-lunch sleepies :(

14:21: Attending The Other Side of Two Dimensions

14:38: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward is giving an awesome talk on photography and dimension (which makes me want to go out and learn how to take pictures that don’t suck), and it’s super cool that Miranda and Reilly got some heavy-duty love for their work – they are the future!

15:20: Coffee (pee) break time! I think I’ve made the decision to skip the 3:30 session – all the discussions are really fascinating, but I’ve been in (very) close quarters with strangers for many hours now and I desperately need some elbow room. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the foyer that is cool to eavesdrop in on, and the questions and love for the SqueePC are easier to answers out here. Really, though, I just want to wiggle my elbows around without fear of giving someone a black eye *flail*

15:30: I found another EEE PC being used to record video and webcam stuff – yay! (mine is still cooler)

15:44: Another note to self – Oscar has an appointment for a desperately needed tune-up at 5pm on Tuesday. Even when I am slacking off, I am productive.

16:21: Attending Apparatus For the Future

16:22: My energy is definitely waning – I’m feeling the effects of my extremely early (for a Saturday) morning

16:52: My very first Northern Voice is wrapping up in the next 20 minutes .. it’s been a blast; I’ll have an overview of what I thought (as opposed to a play-by-play of how many times I had to pee) soon!

flickr meme

Via Darren Barefoot, the CD Cover Meme:

  1. The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
  2. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
  3. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

I took Darren’s advice and reloaded the Flickr page until the third image loaded was Creative Commons-licensed. With this in mind I present to you:

Fun! I adore how the “album title” fits the image really well. Plus, the sign in the picture reminds me of Portal. So everyone wins, but especially me.

Here’s the article I random’d to on aliline leather; the quote was said by Mark Twain (“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”); the image came from this person’s photo stream. Good times!


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