a tangent

Heather is donating blood for the very first time next Saturday, and has asked for volunteers. I’m going to go with her, because she is very cute and I am always down for having fluids withdrawn from me. In her plea for an audience, she mentions various reasons why you might want to come with her and perhaps also donate your very own blood. It’s for a good cause – people who need blood, like vampires and .. sick people, I guess – but the blood takers apparently also tell you what your blood type is.

Hot damn! I have NO IDEA what my blood type is; I’m one of those hilarious people who write “RED” on forms when asked for a blood type. So not only will this entire thing be an exercise in Doing Good, it will also give me some important information about myself and can therefore be classified as an adventure and also lots of fun.

Yes, I have have a strange idea of fun.

And in a wild tangent that will only make sense if you happen to have memorized a number of lines from horror movies you used to watch religiously instead of making out with boys or girls as a teenager, I am sort of horrified that they remade Friday the 13th. Are we really so out of ideas that we have to mess with the classics? Come on, people. I know you’ve done J-Horror and K-Horror – isn’t there some sort of Bollywood horror you can ruin?

Come to think of it, a Bollywood horror movie would be fantastically hilarious.

I’m going to go over here now.


I think I want to change my name to Kimlicita. Everything sounds more exotic when you add a Spanish suffix to it, and I would then have an excellent excuse to (continue to) wear flowers in my hair and corsets.

I promise I’ll stop gushing about Carmen soon, but last night’s costumes were just incredible. It was also funny to note that as Carmen’s costumes changed throughout the acts to denote changes in her fortune or standing, they got more and more elaborate – but my absolute favourite of the night was her opening outfit, of the red corset and long billowing white skirt. I could absolutely rock that look. I’m fairly certain I would be a vision in enormous boobs and loveliness (that no one would see because of the aforementioned enormous boobs).

If all else fails, I’m going to change my name to Squinty McSmiles. I’m looking at the various pictures taken throughout the night, and I HAVE NO EYES. No wonder I walk into things so often.

Also, so I don’t forget: I read Twilight on Saturday and it completely broke my brain. I’ll tell you why as soon as I recover some of my mental abilities.

opera thoughts

My evening at the Vancouver Opera was fantastic. I had a very good time – the whole evening was a spectacle, from getting myself all fancy to the live blogging and the performance itself. An opera virgin as I am was, I really thought the entire thing was enchanting. Carmen pretty much had everything you would expect in an opera:

  • Saucy maidens in corsets!
  • Smoking!
  • Rope play!
  • Gun battles!
  • Apples!
  • Manly men who do as mother asks but get arrested and thrown into jail instead!
  • Opera urchins!
  • Girl-on-girl action!
  • Table dancing!
  • Shiny satin pants!
  • Jealousy!
  • Swords!
  • Death!

Good, good times. Many thanks to the Vancouver Opera, everyone who welcomed we bloggers with such enthusiasm, and especially Ling and Selina for their hospitality (and the kickass lobby sign!). The backstage tour was especially great – I love seeing things the general public don’t get to see – and I stand by my original assessment that the opera is a classy affair. It’s a great deal of fun and everyone should get to experience something outside their comfort zone to see how the other half live – apparently, the other half are all about gorgeous music and costumes. Who knew?

I can’t imagine the others having any less fun than I did at the opera, but please check out their recaps as well:

Tanya/NetchickRebecca/Miss604 Ami/Beyond RobsonLing/Vancouver Opera

I can’t access my photos at the moment, so I’ll upload them later tonight. In the meantime, here’s one of my favourites taken by Ami’s girlfriend:

we are fancy

we are fancy

We got a mention in the Georgia Straight, too. I had to laugh last night when a lady asked why we were doing this – was it for fame and fortune? I have yet to make any sort of fortune from my words, but I’ve been linked by many exciting new places this week and hope some of my visitors decide to stick around. I’ll be honest – it’s not always operas and tiaras around here – but I *can* guarantee an uncensored glimpse into my pants, both figurative and literal.

Wait, that came out wrong.

I think I’ll stick with it, though.