Saturday night was pretty much exactly what I needed – a no-pressure party with good friends, good food, and a great deal of silliness. The last line of my rather disturbing previous post was in fact true – I wasn’t drunk; I didn’t drink anything that night that wasn’t Diet Coke – but I was feeling pretty high on .. well, if not life itself, I DID eat a great deal of cheesecake. It might have been that.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one on all fronts. While my calendar today is blessedly free from meetings, there’re a million things I need to have done before Wednesday morning. As well, I’ll be balls deep in Social Media from Thursday evening on – Northern Voice is this week, and I have endeavored to weasel my way into the scene as inconspicuously as I can. As long as I don’t lean over, I should be just fine.

There are rumours of a return visit to the Potato Farm as soon as next month, and I can’t wait. Talk of the Sex Cauldron was the reason our Saturday night took a turn for the filthy, and it was *bad* – we scared away a stranger. I suppose we should have been at least a little ashamed of ourselves, but really we were having far too much fun to be stopped. I’m sorry, small girl who was a guest of a guest of a guest – I fully admit we take some getting used to, but the majority of the time our conversations are NOT all about the pros and cons of rimjobs.

As glad as I am that I don’t live in Alberta anymore, I am seriously bummed that we do not get Family Day in BC. Our next long weekend isn’t until April, and I have a great deal of trouble to get into before then. Recovery time would be nice, but that extra Monday off isn’t worth giving up things like our mid-February scooter ride to the ocean.

I am seriously scatterbrained today. Perhaps I should go get some lunch before I utterly forget and then wonder why I feel like a bag of hell at 3pm.

3 thoughts on “misbehaving

  1. LMAO – she deserved to be scared away, she came in with rival – albeit tiny – cleavage, leading all of us to believe she would not be easily offended. Oops. Ah well, was a great night!

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