classier than you

I totally outdid myself, and I am SO PROUD.

Not only did I scoot to the opera in a fancy dress, high heels and a motorcycle jacket, I *stripped* in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Hey, it’s supposed to rain tonight and it’s frankly just not safe to ride in a skirt. In the interest of public safety, I wore jeans and leg warmers under my dress on the way in.

I couldn’t very well walk into the opening night of Salome wearing a dress *and* jeans, so I did the only logical thing – I took my pants off outside on the street, next to my scooter. The leg warmers, too. Fancy people were watching my performance, but that’s okay. After all, If you can’t take your clothes off in front of perfect strangers from a society far removed from your own, when can you?

I am so very, very amused with myself – almost more than when I realized I’m wearing a $20 dress from Target and $300 Fluevogs.

I expect my invitation to meet the Queen to come ANY DAY NOW.

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