let me love you

It’s like an intricately choreographed dance – I pull out my phone and call, he comes flying out of the house, I move my car and he slides gracefully into my vacated spot. Yes, we think we can dance. It’s like a modern performance of the Nutcracker, with the street cleaners dressed as creepy maniacal soldiers chasing us around and trying to get at our sweet sweet nut meat.

Seriously, fuck the twice-weekly street cleaning.

I have a problem. I am somewhat addicted to fun postcards, and I buy them by the bucketful. I don’t actually DO anything with them; they just sit in a drawer and go unappreciated and unloved. Clearly, this is a problem – so I need your help.

I have a significant number of interesting and dazzling things meant to be sent through the mail. Conveniently, people like getting mail – especially when it is fun mail. Why don’t we put the two together and see what happens?

If you would like to receive a saucy postcard, email me your address: kimli at delicious juice dot com; subject line: POSTCARD! – and I will send you a fun card of my choosing with a personalized message. It’s easy and fun and I promise I am not a creepy stalker of any kind (seriously, I can provide references).

The rules: there really aren’t any. I’ll send a postcard anywhere in the world – postage isn’t that expensive – just to share some love and clean out my collection. Your postcard may arrive in an envelope if I think the postal service would raise an eyebrow at the content. First come first serve until I run out of cards and/or have to take out a loan for stamps. Let me love you via international post!

I am strangely excited about this. Let me live in my fantasy world where people WANT to get random mail from a stranger, okay?

9 thoughts on “let me love you

    • Of course! :D I still need your snail mail addies though – I know where you live, but Canada Post frowns upon sending things addressed to “TANYA’S HOUSE, VANCOUVER” ..

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