relocation proclamation

We’re thinking about moving.

It sucks – I love our apartment. I have good memories here. Sasha lived here. We pay a ridiculously low rent, all things considered. The location is fantastic. I haven’t thought about pushing any of our neighbours down the stairs in months.

And the street crime isn’t going to get any better.

Earlier this week there was a commotion outside and a police officer was talking to 4 or 5 people who live on the street. Ed and I went outside, and people were filing police reports – someone had gone down the street and took a boot hat to car doors all the way down the block. There were dents of various sizes on every car from the intersection to the end of the block, so the car owners called the police. Ed filed a report too, since the same thing had happened to our car earlier but we didn’t bother reporting it.

Stuff like this happens all the time. In the three years we’ve lived here, our car has been hit four or five times by lazy vandals – they don’t break anything; they just cause minor damage that still requires ICBC intervention for repair. We’ve actually been lucky – other cars have had windows smashed and things stolen, and then there were the Dumpster Olympics that caused a great deal of damage over the course of two nights.

It’s not going to get better. The police can’t do anything about it. It’s the same group of people causing shit when they’re drunk and bored, and we pay the price because we happen to live here. It sucks. I don’t want to move, but I also don’t want anything worse to happen to our car or scooters.

We’re not seriously looking, but if something ideal comes up we’ll probably go for it. I half-heartedly inquired about a couple of ads; two were icky and the third seems too good to be true. We’ll see. It sucks, but maybe it could work out for the better.

Fucking Aquaman.

Anyone know of any awesome 2+ bedroom, pet friendly rental units in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver?

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