here is some insult with your injury

Dear Kimli,

As a member of our PetCare Family we are privileged to have the opportunity to provide peace of mind for you and Sasha. You can rest assured that Sasha is protected from the high costs associated with unexpected and unforeseen medical treatments.

Blah blah blah we’re raising your rates blah bliggity blah

We look forward to continuing to enhance your special relationship with Sasha.

Oh, so many responses:

  • FUCK. YOU.
  • Peace of mind for me and my dead cat? Where do I sign?
  • I am interested in hearing how you plan to enhance the special relationship I have with the URN OF ASHES I have on my desk, and I would like to subscribe to your publication.
  • FUCK. YOU.
  • I’m eligible to enjoy a further 5% discount through your Microchip Registration Program? Excellent! I will endeavor to solder a chip to the dust and bone fragments, all that remain of my best friend ever, immediately so that we are adequately covered in case of unforeseen medical expenses.

As you might be able to tell, I didn’t take the letter very well. There were tears. There may have been rage and Hulk Smashing. I’m pretty sure I swore loud enough to be heard in West Van. I was not a happy girl.

We’re dealing with it this morning, because in addition to the 2 months of insurance they’ve taken from my account, we’re supposed to get $100 to offset the cost of death. They owe ME money, not the other way around. Also, they suck. The vet says they’ve sent in the paperwork twice, but the insurance company says they never received it – so I’m sending it in myself. There WILL be justice for Sasha, or I will seriously cut a bitch and enjoy every second of it.


5 thoughts on “here is some insult with your injury

  1. Yep I’m pretty sure this is the same company that gave me a marketing call following a series of expensive vet visits with Veronica. They have some sort of shady deal with vet offices where they get customer details so they can peddle insurance to people with sick pets apparently?? and yeah I’d already had to put Veronica down by that point, I was not impressed.

  2. This is terrible Kimli, sorry to hear that. Most insurance companies are not easy to deal with at well. Hope you manage to sort it out.

    No one needs a brutal reminder like that. Hope you’re okay. P.S. When’s the next goon meet? :)

  3. Ugh, timing is everything. I got the same letter last week.

    They seem to have problems with their administration; last year I had to jump through hoops just to give them my new credit card number, because I did it on their website and the data didn’t get updated.

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