That was one hell of a weekend.

I spent most of Friday night at the Vancouver Art Gallery, with the Thrill the World team. I wasn’t dancing, but I took pictures of the performances and got to check out Fuse while wearing a fancy “media” badge. I felt so hilariously official! Fuse is pretty crazy – I hadn’t realized it was such a hot event – and I’d be down for going again.

Saturday was the big day – zombies! I hadn’t thought about what I was going to wear until literally the last second, when I realized that my favourite dress was never going to be worn in public again – unless I covered it in blood. Shan and I usually try to have some sort of theme going when we zomb it up, and this year my theme was “Kimli died at some point during the summer but no one told her and she’s on her scooter anyway”. I wore what was essentially my favourite summer outfit, except a little worse for wear. Add a liberal amount of makeup in the wrong places, mess up the hair, and I’m good to go.

We had over 230 zombies dancing this year, a huge jump in numbers over last year’s 69. It was a ton of fun, and we raised over $3000 for the Vancouver Food Bank. Woo! So many people came out for pictures – it was great seeing everyone, even if I was busy running around trying to keep the undead in line. Check Flickr and Facebook for pictures – Ed took some great ones – and start practicing for next year.

Sunday felt weird without being covered in blood, but Ed and I met up with MJ, Realtor to the Stars, and went looking at property. We saw 6 places, but none of them were quite right. One was *almost* perfect and we’re still trying to make it work in our heads, and another one I could see working but Ed was scared off by the disastrous people currently living in the suite. Others were not right at all – why is there a SINK in the bedroom closet?! – but we will keep looking. It is exciting!

We were full of good intentions and really looking forward to the BBQ at Darren’s house Sunday evening, but by 4pm the rest of my weekend had caught up to me and I was dead to the world. We took a raincheque, and instead spent a quiet evening inside. It was a good night for it – neither of us really wanted to go back out into the wind and rain – but I feel bad for missing the fun.

That will be fixed shortly, though – it’s HALLOWEEN WEEK and there are many nefarious plans afoot. Also, I’m gonna blow some shit up. It’ll be awesome.

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