my next tweet

This is the greatest thing ever.

It’s a tool that analyzes your Twitter stream and constructs a tweet for you as something you’d be likely to say. I don’t know if it’s because my own Twitter is really random to begin with or if everyone gets funny jumbles, but I could absolutely see myself saying this stuff. Some highlights include:

  • Naked ones. Ooh, the iPad to go fetch. Berries no one can wait for crashing while I thought you’d be at?
  • Personalizing! Tacos hurt my scooter from my temporary cake does it was thank goodness for the sugar?
  • Rodimus Prime has no place to the CBC Red Chairs!
  • Bukkake is available for cheap and bus home, though. Well, if they keep it so sexy.
  • It was the Bootlegger Ball tonight I really hope there for $0.99 – will stick their dick in their manners.
  • Fucking hell 4-hour meeting with dinosaurs! — Come work with the internet and pantless.
  • I like losing virginity. Got it. Okay, Twitter – come make me anxious all week. FORTS! I made it down?

I am full of laughing.

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