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Someone pointed out (by way of laughing at me) that it might be helpful if I left some sort of clue on how people can get in touch with me on a more intimate scale, and thus the Contact Page was born.

Questions? Comments? Marriage proposals? Long lost uncle left me millions that you will transfer to me in exchange for a small processing fee and my banking information? I can be reached via email at kimli at delicious juice dot com. If email is not to your fancy, I am also on Twitter and Facebook.

Why would you want to contact me? I have NO IDEA. There may come a day when my rather specialized areas of expertise will save the day, but until such a time the public NEEDS a passionate dissertation on the merkin, I will be waiting.

Also, sometimes I do interviews or appear on TV (mostly by accident) talking about random stuff:

I’ve given presentations:

Spoken in panels:

Done play-by-play commentary at trade shows and tournaments:

  • Consumer Electronic Show 2007
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2006
  • NewEgg LAN 2006
  • Consumer Electronic Show 2006
  • GGL AmeriCup Finals 2005
  • World Cyber Games 2004

Been mentioned or appeared in random magazines for some reason:

  • American Way: Official Magazine of American Airlines (May 2006)
  • PC Gamer (March and April 2003)
  • Wedding Bells Magazine (Edmonton 2003)

Okay, this list is more for my own amusement than anything else but it’s still pretty funny. I do stuff and I talk a lot. If you need me for anything, drop me a line. I am pretty willing to do anything at least once.

Vancouver Opera’s Rigoletto sings its way into blogosphere

11 thoughts on “contact kimli

  1. Hello Kimli,

    I brief read over your comments about TEDx so correct me if I am wrong but I at least wanted to say some things quickly..

    I am one of the red shirted volunteers that were running around at TEDx Van on Saturday. Mind you we are not the brains of the operation, more the bodies that ran around and cleaned, but I do know A BIT. I do know that that us volunteers were also selected from a long list for many reasons and I believe some kind of bubbly attitude and knowledge of TED was involved. From what I saw most of us were students (mainly masters/PHD) or recent graduates who rather get involved with TED than participate and I am assuming money was a factor for some as well. I really felt that most of the volunteers did an excellent job keeping the energy up, providing discussion, making people feel welcomed and that things were done correctly. I often personally escorted people just to get juice etc. What bothered me most about the event was actually also the non-TED staff. I really thought the negative energy from the caterers and the KayMeek staff was just astounding and it upset me a great deal as well. Although, I did talk to the managers of both of whom I thought were just fabulous so.

    I am really sorry you had this experience. I know that the organizers will be sending out an email within the week asking for feedback about the event so I encourage you both to send your comments there if you have not already and especially to the KayMeek Centre. This was huge for them to have this kind of event there and that kind of a negative service I believe says a lot. I think they are planning to increase to apx 2,000 attendies next year so hopefully everyone can attend.

    I would also like to lightly sprinkle the suggestion to “take things with a grain of salt”. Although I think we both know that would not make your blog as exciting, I think it is important to take into consideration that there is much more behind things than you we may realize. For example, I am pretty sure that TEDx attendies are selected for a huge variety of reasons. Some even to fit standards of how many people in each age range, how many people these people might see on a daily basis etc. Also, Just to remind you the even was run by 80 volunteers many of which donated probably more than 1,000 hours to this project.

    I would like to reiterate that many of these are assumptions for what I got from being behind the scenes as a volunteer much of which I heard though the grape vine. I am really sorry you had this experience. I know that the organizers will be sending out an email within the week asking for feedback about the event so I encourage you both to send your comments there if you have not already. I think they are planning to increase to apx 2,000 attendies next year so hopefully everyone can attend. I do know that many of the people that were selected to attend and were not able to make it still sent their $40 just as a donation because they love what TED stands for. I am not sure if this money was taken but I did OVERHEAR this.

    Again I am not sure of much of these just overhear it so PLEASE take it lightly. I really don’t want this all spreading if it’s untrue just want to give another perspective.

    Thanks for your words.

  2. hi Kimli – you rock. thank you for your work in tracking down the rioters and printing their names. too true, crap these people pulled should be placed in the public domain for all to see and comment. no excuses allowed on their part.

    many thanks, a new fan!

  3. And I COMPLETELY disagree with your trashing their parents on Identifying criminal action is laudable, but be VERY careful of taking it too far, Kimli – casting aspersions / guilt by association onto the parent’s PROFESSIONAL reputation could well get your ass sued. Internet libel law is different in Canada apropos to the site owner in the USA, and you are patently warned that you are liable for comments posted to the MDs name, NOT the site. And if you’re not aware of it, I’d suggest researching it. A newspaper would not be publishing the assertions you are making about the father, and I’d strongly advise you to rethink your tack. is designed as a rating of a professional by a patient, not your PERCEPTIONS of his parenting skills. I am in no way, shape or form associated with this MD, and it’s well meaning advice : based on what you have written on that site, I would be consulting a lawyer if I were you. If it were me, you’d be served tomorrow…

  4. Keep this going and going and going send it to everyone you know, let’s stop this in our beautiful City-Province

    As I was watching the outcome aftermath of this game, something kept coming to my mind. It didn’t know much about it’s history, just the term. Now I have just seen the actual term come to life and the weight of it’s truth.

    What was coming to my mind? “I hope they get the read the Riot Act”!!!! Well, I have just found out…..

    Under Sections 67-68 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a public official may read what’s colloquially called the “Riot Act” in order to disperse an unruly crowd:

    “Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful
    business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”

    People who do not “peaceably disperse” within 30 minutes are “guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.”

    I hope this is a lesson for us now and in future!!!!

  5. Dear Kim Li: I heard you on the Current today and I wanted to write you to offer my support. I have zero tolerance for violence , and I don’t think that “threats” against rioters or rioters families are appropriate responses, or justified, legal responses. But from what I have seen on social media sites, and in responses to various news articles etc.. has mostly been people crying shame, and calling rioters out for their very mindless and stupid acts. The criminals caught in the act of committing a crime, as was the case with many of last Wed’s rioters and the individuals on your blog, deserve to be outed to the public and called out on their hateful, destructive acts – not with MORE hate but with DESERVING shame. The rioters violated and abused the freedom of assembly enjoyed in Canada, a freedom that other young people around the world are dying for. These rioters showed a total disregard for authority, public property and individuals safety. Therefore, I am not surprised that people are taking the rioters actions so personally, and are finding it so difficult to offer forgiveness. Let’s be honest, the on line shaming of these criminals may be the only consequences the rioters ever end up facing. As for those calling for due process, I would usually agree, but in this case the individuals you posted on your blog have been caught in the act with hard evidence, how major or minor their crimes are has yet to be decided, but regardless it was a criminal act. I’m glad that rioters like Nathan turned themselves in and apologized for his thoughtless acts, but lets be real… he did it because the public had already outed him!!! With out the public outcry rioters might just be going on with their week like normal, maybe even smiling smugly thinking about their little part in making history. Social media’s ability to capture and extend public response to both the good and the bad is very powerful indeed, and there is still a lot society needs to learn in terms of how to conduct our selves in these new public places, just as there is a lot to learn about what you can and can not get away with in a digitally documented world. I keep pondering this… they knowingly committed crimes in front of a camera, what did they think would happen??? And saying “I was drunk” needs to stop being an acceptable excuse in our society.

  6. This is a wonderful blog and your postings and work is well regarded by many. Many, many, many. So few people have been talking about the tradition of “shaming” as a way to prevent crime and punishing community residents that have harmed those communities. It is functional effective and has been used for centuries. Just, now… it’s a little more tech and, thus, convenient.

  7. A week ago today. Like Pearl Harbour they stated “a day that will live in infamy”! Well this night can live in infamy! And after reading that Camille Cacnio’s apology I feel like throwing up! What a ARROGANT DOUCHEBAG APOLOGY,enough said. Please keep this going. I have NO SYMPATHY whatsoever for these losers now coming forward saying they are sorry. This was an absolute DISGRACE! Like do these losers not know the difference between right and wrong? Who raised these fucks? And to the morons staying there taking pictures of their friends in front of burning cars how fucken IGNORANT! Please keep this going! I want these LOSERS to all leave Vancouver as a whole. They are all ANIMALS that should be behind bars or featured in the upcoming Calgary Stampede! Piss on all of them,they made there own beds let them sleep in it! Hope they are all someones ‘bitch’ behind bars for a very long time. And the Ray Days that took the COWARDLY route and went back to Toronto to hide we will find you BITCH!

  8. I originally found your website during the Vancouver riots (OK – not actually DURING them – I was watching TV at that particular time).

    Although not a regular reader, I pop by maybe every couple of weeks to catch up on your life and your humorous way of commenting on same.

    Found out only 15 minutes ago about you losing your job. That sucks – and not in a “lets vacuum up the Christmas tree needles” good result way.

    You are a character (I’m thinking a “G”?) – one blessed with good powers of observation, a creative & sharp wit, excellent writing skills and the drive to share with others.

    Not everyone appreciates characters. I do. Shame your previous employers did not.

    Sincere best wishes to you and yours. Hope the journey to become gainfully (financially) employed once more is not too long or arduous.

    . . . . and thank you for making me smile many times this year.

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