she’s somewhat unusual

Being a frequent visitor and somewhat unusual to behold is a perfect storm for forging awkward relationships: the ladies at the McDonalds next to my house now know me by order. I go through drive through on average 6 times a week; always getting Diet Coke and maybe a food on my way to work or home from an event. Do this often enough, and they start recognizing you. Do it more, and they start commenting on the things about you that are different that day. I drove Ed to work today (long story) and stopped in for a delicious Diet Coke, only to be complimented on my hat (it’s a great hat) and asked not once but twice where my scooter was. I hadn’t realized I was recognizable – I wear a full face helmet and usually have a bra on – but there I was, explaining why I wasn’t on Lola today (twice). I either stand out in a crowd, or more likely, I go to McDonalds too often. I can’t help it. Fountain Diet Coke is delicious.

I was on CBC last night, talking about social media and coupons. I can’t find the clip online to link to, but that’s good because I kind of looked awful – if a camera adds 10 pounds, it appears I had at least 7 cameras trained on me. It was awkward seeing myself on TV, and I kept wondering if my mom would call – she watches the news, and surely she’d notice her only child (and then give me shit for being a) fat and b) indecent; my boobs were hanging out as usual). My name was on the screen and everything! I should call her today and ask. She wouldn’t have had the foggiest idea what I was talking about, but truthfully, I never do anyway.

Tonight is the kick-off party for Northern Voice, and we’re going bowling. It’s a Mad Men themed party, which is giving me a fair share of grief – I don’t watch Mad Men but I do know the era, and I have nothing even remotely close to looking like it’s from the 60s. I do have a hat, though. I can show up just wearing a hat, right? I may have to bail on the idea of dressing for the theme and go in my regular clothing (with a hat) – I am far too frazzled right now to hunt down an appropriate outfit.

I am trying to forget that I am giving a presentation tomorrow, because then I will be terrified for the rest of the day. I’ve been told that all sessions are being filmed, so I’ll link to it later. I was planning on uploading my slides too, so you’ll be able to take a look at how I overcame social anxiety (hint: drugs) and enjoy the fruits of the hilarious photo shoot we had in April.

I must shower! I am unclean!


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