mission accomplished

Ed is out of town at a wedding slash insurance trade show – Alberta is weird – so I’ve got the house to myself. I don’t really have much time to enjoy the noisy solitude though, as the time so far as been filled with Many Things and there are still More Things to come. I really like having alone time though, so I set Sunday aside to do Absolutely Nothing and it’s been a raging boner of success – I slept in, took a nap, did some minor housework, and not once have I been dressed at any time. It was difficult to hold to my plans – I was enticed by an invitation to the beach and other Hanging Out – but this is the only time I’ll have to myself until .. well, this is the only time I have to myself. MY SUNDAY! GET YOUR PLANS – HOWEVER FUN AND AWESOME THEY MAY BE – OUT OF MY SUNDAY! I REFUSE TO PUT ON CLOTHES!

I was really productive yesterday, though. I went on a DATE – fully chaperoned; no backseat cock-riding happened – picked up a muffler, bought some shoes, then crafted the night away and made some neat things with LEATHA:

because it's midnite

Cheryl brought over her stash, and we invented stuff. I’m particular fond of the button/flower pendants and my Twitter cuff – it says @kimli – and I’m planning on making some other stuff tonight just for fun. Naked crafting is dangerous, but that’s just how I roll.

I have nothing to say, and it is glorious.


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