let me in, i have a badge

Just as membership into fraternal organizations like the Stonecutters or Phi Beta Douchebag can be acquired through family ties, I think media credentials should work the same way.

Seeing all the work that goes into making a TV show at CBC made me wish I had chosen a more exciting line of work. My dad used to work in radio, and later in television – so clearly I already possess the necessary skills needed for “the biz”; having inherited them from my father.

Truth be told, I like what I do. Yes, I’d rather be writing interesting things instead of technical documentation, but my kind of humour doesn’t translate well to .. anything, really. My niche will likely never be bigger than this corner of the internet, but I do what I do well (I hope). Sure, I’d love to write a book or screenplay, but until I create the next image-heavy-snarky-caption meme to take the internet by storm, I’ll just continue writing here.

Back to inherited credentials. I knew I had some of my dad’s work badges, and thought I remembered seeing a CBC one in there somewhere. Turns out I was wrong – CFCF is Montreal’s CTV – but I wondered if there was anything I could do with these things. It would have been useful to remember this stuff during the Olympics – what do you mean, the logo on my badge is from 1965; I’m with the press – but maybe I could have some fun yet:

gonna strap a camera to lola and do some field reporting

The first logo was used between 1959 and 1975; no idea about the second:

would have been so useful in february :(

i actually have no idea how/where my dad got this; i never heard him talk about working for nbc

This is slightly less interesting but still might come in handy (in 1990):

let me in, i'm a visitor

I do have my dad’s CHEK-TV employee badge somewhere, but it has his picture on it so I can’t use it for evil.

These things are neat – I’ve actually started wearing the CFCF badge on my CBC bag. Again, I REALLY wish I had thought of this during the Olympics – it probably wouldn’t have done me any good, but if I had paired it with my True North Media House accreditation, maybe I could have gotten kicked out of more than just the opening ceremonies.

I also found an unused ticket for Expo 86 in dad’s things, and one from Expo ’67. And actually .. now that I think about it, my dad would have been working in TV in Montreal during the ’76 Olympics. Maybe that’s where the NBC badges are from? Man, I wish I could have asked him about this stuff.

Is it time to go home yet? I have a new computer to set up. His name is Leonidas.

Get it?

I am funny.


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