it’s still sunday

Okay, a late post is still a post – I’m still in the game. We had a full Sunday stuffed with breakfast, music, cats and zombies – just a regular day around these parts, but all good just the same.

My only regret for this day? Making Death Pasta while Ed was watching The Walking Dead. Do you have ANY IDEA how disturbing it is to mix ground beef and a thousand hobo spices when a zombie is being chopped up in glorious HD to be used as perfume? It kind of made my stomach roll. I don’t recommend it.

Watching the Autumn Portrait at HMV this afternoon was fun, though:

autumn portrait, dali-style

Other things done this weekend:

  • Enjoyed many scallops at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Van, where Blayne and Melissa had a reception to celebrate their marriage last month
  • Got trapped in Park Royal
  • Two words: Velvet Elvis
  • Bought matches at Roots, because that’s what you do at an upscale clothing retailer
  • Fed Josh and Shan’s cats in North Van
  • Met Heather’s new kitties
  • Bought a discounted owl

Um. I’m sleepy. Gonna eat some zombie pasta now. Content? Pshaw. It’s Sunday. Leave me ‘lone.




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