Few things piss me off more than helpless people.

Perhaps I’m biased because I wear the title of “trainer”, but if I spend my time showing you how to do things, making sure that every. fucking. step. is laid out for you in easy-to-understand words with pretty pictures AND tell you where to find additional help on every possible question you might have, having those SAME people sit in a meeting and bitch about how “more documentation is needed” just fucking infuriates me.

Asking stupid questions instead of Googling it like anyone else would? Fuck off.

“Do you have any ketchup?” “No, but there’s likely some in the kitchen” “But WHERE in the kitchen?” Fuck off.

I’m really pissed that I’m pissed about this – I didn’t start my day off in a bad mood and certainly had no intention of making this update a boiling rage broth of die idiots die die die, but I take these things seriously AND personally because your laziness comes across like *I* didn’t do my job – and I sure as fuck did. I know this, because I was there.


I think I’ll go tell my old boss that his new team is entirely stupid.



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