This is not the Kim you are looking for…


Guest poster Ed here, commissioned to impart to all y’all the greatness that is my wife. Early this morning on her way to work, she decided that she should wipe the fuck out.. completely unaided by man or beast. Thankfully, she managed to not get more than a few feet down the road. A very kind and gentle stranger helped her out by calling an ambulance, notifying me at work, and staying at the scene to give me an update on her condition and location.
The end result of Kim’s decision to find Down is a painfully dislocated shoulder (which I got to watch the docs pop back in… awesome!?), a scraped and bruised leg, and clothes that had to be cut off of her by the paramedic. My wife has been ravaged :(.

She’s ok and currently in bed with some cats and a really cool sling that she has to wear for a week or so. I’m sure she’ll update soon because she’s a huge nerd and is going through ‘net withdrawal. Now if her readers can help me explain to her why hurting herself and scaring her husband half to death is terribly wrong, that would be grrreeeat.