i can bleed when i want to bleed

If Valentine’s Day isn’t the perfect time for a little prick and a bit of blood, then I just don’t know what’s what anymore.

I ordered a DIY Blood Typing kit from Think Geek several weeks ago, and figured last night was a wholly suitable time to find out my blood type once and for all. I’ve never known this information, and have often fantasized that it would be useful knowledge to have in case I need to perform an emergency tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen or remove myself from a list of murder suspects by process of elimination. I’ve given blood and had it forcibly removed from me many times, but I was never actually told what kind of blood I have, which led me to answering “red” on any form asking me for my blood type because I am so clever.

No more, though – now I know what kind of blood I have!

my bloody valentine

According to the decoding sheet, I’m B+. Woo! I’m valuable in England! Who wants some of my delicious juice? That’s right, anyone who is AB+ and needing a transfusion, baby!