video game slash

I have, actually, written some tongue-in-cheek video game slash. The Quake III porn was started on a dare and eventually finished, and the Return to Castle Wolfenstein porn (my personal favourite) was written because a co-worker said my recent updates had been boring. I like to bring them out from time to time and shock the locals; I can pretty much guarantee they hadn’t thought of the games they were playing in quite this way before.

Enjoy, or something.

Quake III Porn – Q3DM6: The Humping Grounds (I Wish I Knew How To /Quit You)

Return to Castle Bonerstein – An Erotic Fantasy in an ABBA* Format

*: This is not a reference to the Swedish disco group, rather, RtCW tournament matches are played in what’s called an “ABBA” format – Team A is offence, Team B is defence, and then you switch. In the next round, Team B starts out as offence and Team A is defence, and then you switch again. This way, each time gets the opportunity to set the time that must be beat by their opponents. This has nothing to do with the porn; I just thought you’d like to know not to expect a rousing rendition of Dancing Queen to appear anywhere in the story.

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