For people who wanted pictures of stuff I’m trying to get rid of:

Two Ikea “Billy” Bookcases ($50/pair):

They’re blue with a light wood trim. I bought them in 1998, so they’re really old in terms of Ikea furniture – but they’re also in great shape and hold many books. Here’s a terrible fisheye picture of them as they were set up in our place:

not included: books; litterbox

And here’s a close up of the colour:


All shelves and hardware included.

Night stand thingie:


Free! Come get it. First come first served.

Media tower:

you can't have lemon

It’s dark grey with adjustable shelves – we used it to hold video games. Free for the taking; all shelves and hardware included.

Big Ass Desk:

as seen in north vancouver

more recently

It’s big, it’s Ikea, it’s a giant table on four legs. $100 obo – come get it. Please. I don’t want it in my house anymore. Please?

If you want anything, email me at kimli at delicious juice dot com.

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