plane postin’

Four hours into this flight and the only thing missing is a diversion to another airport. I’m not really complaining though; someone’s having a medical emergency. People are milling about, there was an announcement inquiring about a medical doctor onboard (I took out my earphones in case someone needs a technical writer), and now there’s turbulence. Add in the two.5 hour delay and a plane switch because of leaky things, and you’ve got yourself an adventure! A long, tiring adventure!

In the grand scheme of things, none of the incidents to date are all that bad. In fact, the biggest annoyance about the whole flight so far is that the media on this jet is different than the last. While they were doing pre-takeoff plane things, I watched the first quarter of Inside Out. The plan was to finish that, then re-watch Pitch Perfect 2, and when I inevitably failed to sleep, give in and watch Mad Max: Maximum Mad. Unfortunately, they discovered the plane had a leak that couldn’t be fixed, so everyone had to disembark and re-wait while they prepped a new, non-leaky plane that also happened to have an outdated media list.

I was somewhat annoyed that I couldn’t finish watching Inside Out (or access an Internet to read a spoiler), but I did get to watch Big Hero 6 and Avengers: Age of James Spader. I had missed seeing them when they were in theatres (I am almost as bad at movies as I am at TV), so I was glad to see them in mighty Seat Back Vision. Still can’t sleep, though. Maybe I’ll watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Next up: the border crossing guard who didn’t believe I’m here solely because I like London, allegations of naughty business, and glorious sleep.




I leave in 5 hours. EXCITE!

This’ll be my first trip to the UK wearing pants. After six 9+ hour flights, I finally realized that it’s good to be comfortable on the plane and that generally means not worrying about your various lady parts falling out of whatever ridiculous getup you decided to wear to fly. I’m wearing jeans on the plane, then crumpling them up in the bottom of my bag for the remainder of my trip because I did not pack any shirts. The pants won’t be worn again unless a) I want to be arrested for indecent exposure, b) hypothermia sets in and Mountain Madness takes over, or c) 1996 calls and says “you should totally wear those jeans under a dress, it’ll look great”. My money’s on c).

I tried really hard this time ’round to pack only necessities. I didn’t go overboard when packing clothing, and almost everything I brought can be worn with each other. My one space splurge (not to be confused with a splurge in space, which will likely happen Sunday) was bringing two pairs of boots, because sometimes you want black boots but many other times you want burgundy boots and it’s best to be prepared for both situations.

That being said, I am a creature of ridiculous habits. The following things are in my suitcase that, were I to be honest with myself, could *probably* be left behind:

  • Several of the 9 or so iPhone charging cables I’ve brought
  • Nobody really needs that much lip gloss
  • The push-up bra that takes up half the space in my underpants bag
  • There’s a handful of Lego minifigs in my backpack, because I am an excellent adult
  • Sex wipes. Why are these in my bag? Why didn’t I take them out? I’m not going to America (where they are good at the sex) and have no plans whatsoever to hump anyone on this trip. Still, I better hang onto them. Just in case. You Never Know <tm Mom>.

.. that’s actually about it. I packed very wisely, and have room leftover for whatever I may purchase while gone. I even have room for a cape, but I will not bring it (even though I can think of at least a dozen reasons I might need a cape in London).

This time tomorrow I will be in the future! See you from there!

ready, set

T minus 3 sleeps until GO.

My excitement and trepidation are nearing unbearable levels. I am mentally and physically ready for a vacation (I forgot my laptop at home two days in a row last week), and although I will desperately miss Ed and the cats (this will be the most time we’ve been apart – I think the longest to date has been 6 days), I’m looking forward to this time of quiet reflection all the goddamn adventure I can cram into 25 days.

I have a big list of things I want to do, but beyond the list I’m looking forward to:

  • Being on my own schedule. If I wanna sleep in, I can. If I wanna spend 3 hours in the V&A garden, I can. If I wanna go to a spooky-ass cemetery and walk amongst the dead, I can (and totally will).
  • No helmet hair for almost a month.  I love my scooter, but goddamn I’ve had some wicked helmet hair recently.
  • Eating all my meals at M&S
  • M&S in general
  • Pretending I’m a wealthy lady of leisure; an International Kimli of Mystery
  • Angry shoulder dancing
  • Asking for a large Diet Coke and getting a North American medium
  • Finding out the deal with Stonehenge
  • Pret.
  • Sharing my adventures both here and on Instagram #shamelessplug #unitedkimdom

Just .. all of it, really. I’m even looking forward to the 9+ hour flight, which is a sure sign of ocean madness (aka “Aqua Dementia”, the deep down crazies, the wet willies, the Great Moist). I’m hoping this trip will kickstart my heart my desire to write again, but even if it doesn’t, I won’t be beating myself up over it. No agenda. Just good times.

I am grateful for this extremely lazy caturday, but I can’t help but wish Sony picked any other time to do maintenance on their servers – I have to get enough underpants video game time to last me for a whole month.