what in the name of god is that

After injuring myself, my first instinct is to take pictures and tell everyone about it. That is going to end up being my downfall one of these days – ooh, massive new england coronary! *click* *click* *upload* *prose* *email* *consider calling 911* *ask internet for advice* *die*

That being said,  should I be at all worried about this?

I swear to god that bloody red spot wasn’t ON MY EYEBALL just a few minutes ago.

Oh god, I have eyeball herpes.


4 thoughts on “what in the name of god is that

  1. Uh, no offense, Kimli… I mean, you’re the hotness and all… but I am never licking your eyeball. Ever. (Disappointed, aren’t you?)

    Seriously, WebMD checks your symptoms (fun!) and it sounds like a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. Which sounds impressive/scary, but in your case, looks to be no problem. (And less scary than the pic Meechie linked, luckily!)

    BUT, just in case some bizarre and violent reaction occured by pure freak chance , Ed should be totally giving you the rubbies/ chocolate/ handcuffs/whatever you crazy kids are into… that way, he WON’T BE HORRIFICALLY SORRY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE SHOULD KIMLI – BY TOTAL FREAK CHANCE – PERISH OF THE EYE HERPES.

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