We just got back from seeing Rise Against for the 4th or 5th time (we’re not stalking them; we’re just big fans). The show was awesome – they were headlining, so they played some songs we don’t see live often – but I got the biggest squee ever *after* the show:

On our way out of the venue to the blessedly cold night air, we passed four scooters parked by the tour buses. I naturally stopped to have a look, then put two and two together – the scooters were, in all likelihood, those belonging to the members of Rise Against themselves. The band and their scooters were the cover story of a magazine I picked up while in San Francisco, so I know they ride. Sure ’nuff, the scoots all had Illinois plates on them. There were two Vino 125s – one was identical to Oscar – a Buddy 125, and a something else I couldn’t make out in the dark. SQUEE! Punk rock and scooters! I am a giddy fan girl.

Ed and I scribbled a note and I left it in the bucket of the Buddy 125. Dunno if they’ll see it, but it was worth a shot. Yay for awesome shows and mutual scooter love!

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