squeaky clean

Grumble – my Gamer Tag Saga is at an end, albeit a little unsatisfactorily. After more emails and finally a phone call, it’s been determined that I am shit out of luck and the only solution is to create a brand new Xbox Live account. So, I did. I lost all my gamer points and achievements, but I was able to start fresh with my tag of choice. DeeAy was taken, but to my surprise, my first name wasn’t – I guess there’s a shortage of Xbox 360 games for wizards and dwarves and elfin princesses. So, if you have a 360 and wish to add me, my tag is Kimli. Much shorter than Zelicious Juice, at any rate.

I need to go outside. When you’re frankly amazed at how little laundry there is to do and you realize it’s because you haven’t been dressed in five days, it’s high time to clean yourself up and go outside. So, I did. My body is clean, perfumed, and dressed in clean clothes; my face is made up; my hair shellac’d into behaving, and as soon as I put shoes on I will GO OUTSIDE. No, seriously. OUTSIDE! ME! The amazing pasty hermit queen herself! I am so awesome; I deserve a medal.

Or maybe some lunch.


One thought on “squeaky clean

  1. your outside stabs mine in the throat

    in other news, i might actually be venturing myself to a social event soon (and it’s only 3 weeks away wtfwtfwtf must prepare) so it’s nice to see others surviving such encounters

    now the real question is, why don’t i just install a pantry next to my desk in my bedroom, or put my computer next to the pantry in the kitchen? it seems like such a waste to have an empty pantry and a full sorta-small-desk/table-thing next to the PC…

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