so hard for it honey

I signed up to complete NaBloPoMo 2007, a challenge to write at least one entry for every day of the month of November. I did this last year, too. For some this is a huge deal as they tend to post sporadically at best; for me it is just another acronym to abuse because I post every damn day anyway. Last year I even completed it even though I was in San Francisco for part of the month without a computer. I just have that much to say. Hell, yesterday I made three updates alone. I really need to get outside more.

One of the things I picked up from my favourite US postal depot was a Katamari Damacy puppet I won off eBay way back in June. As you can see below, I’ve already put it to excellent use by dressing a cat up as a Katamari and staging puppet photos. The pictures are really an exposé in three distinct parts:

  1. My cat is very, very patient with me
  2. I have a lot of weird shit
  3. I have far too much time on my hands


I am still spending much of my day looking for a new job. I’ve not yet given up hope that my dream job awaits me somewhere out there, but some days are harder to be upbeat than others. On those days, I start looking at the entry-level clerical positions and mentally calculate exactly how much of a pay-cut I could live with yet still pay my rent. I’m really trying every avenue I can think of, though – I’ve sent unsolicited resumes to every gaming outfit in the city, I’m emailing people I hardly know but once off-handedly mentioned to me they work in the industry, I’ve annoyed the hell out of my friends and acquaintances contacts by all but begging them to help me get my foot in the door, I’ve given my resume to the mailman. It’s actually really encouraging to note the responses I’ve gotten; while I don’t have a job yet there are lots of people who are being awesome with the advice and inside knowledge and the handing off of my resume to Important People. This is good. I am appreciative. Yay for awesome people!

I know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me; to be able to look for work and not settle for the first thing that comes along out of desperation. We’re doing okay financially; there are some savings still and I am bringing in a bit of money that covers my share of the monthly expenses. It really does help that we have no debt other than the car (although I haven’t looked at the credit card balance since we came back from Seattle), so I am using this period of “not desperate” to go after what I really want. This is good, right? I’m overdue for a position with less angst, aren’t I? Somewhere out there someone will appreciate what I can do, won’t they? Oh, self-doubt. You are entirely awesome, except for the part where you fail at life.

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