video games are keen

I *could* have made a proper update today, but instead I made a catalog of Nintendo DS games I have known. There are a lot of them. I like video games, you see.

I go through so many DS games that it’s easier to keep track of them on a separate page instead of updating the game reviews every time I play a new one. Some might say it’s a sickness, but to them I say PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW KABOOM.

I got some good news today, but I shan’t be saying anymore just yet. It is fun to keep all seven of you in suspense, because I am a bastard.


4 thoughts on “video games are keen

  1. You are evil. That’s why I keep reading. Does it have anything to do with landing a job as a snail-wrangler for a new video game?

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