do over plz

I need a Monday morning do-over.

I slept poorly, left late, missed the early bus, committed a bus faux pas (I thought mister accessible was shooing me on first; I didn’t know he was waiting for the bus man to release the ramp and I was scolded off the bus), assaulted someone with my ass, did the “you go this way – no, this way” do-is-do with a guy at the bus stop, missed the train, forgot my Lab badge, and the pop machine is out of Diet Coke (after being refilled on Thursday afternoon).


I also couldn’t scoot in this morning as planned. It’s very frosty and foggy out there, and I was doubly advised to skip the scoot and just take the bus. I was really looking forward to riding in today,  but as I still have no idea where I’m supposed to park Oscar, I suppose I can wait until spring shows up for real. The last three days of sunshine is misleading – according to the long-term forecast, we’re getting some more snow before winter is done fucking with us. Keen!

Except, you know, totally not.

I missed the boat on Northern Voice, and probably won’t be able to go. I’m on the waiting list – #10 – boo for me and my lackluster bandwagoning. I actually really want to go this year (unlike last year when I chickened the fuck out) – I need to meet new people. I need more exposure for my words. I need an excuse to use up my Delicious Juice “business” cards, and my lovely little Moo cards. I need to get out more.

I also need to get to work. So, bye.

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