save me, al gore

For several unsettling and globe-warming minutes this morning, I was the meat in a Porsche Cayenne/Original Hummer sandwich. My smug hippie self felt very superior (albeit a little apprehensive; I sort of expected the drivers of the ridiculous SUVs to jump out and start beating me with bibles and right-wing rhetoric at the stop light) on my scooter, especially since I had just filled the tank for $4.20 (duuuuude) and I was secure in my knowledge that my emissions, even if I had spent the entire night eating baked beans and cabbage rolls, would never come even remotely close to that of just one of the yuppie death machines boxing me in.

That may just be the most convoluted sentence I’ve ever written. Sweet!

Northern Voice was excellent. I’m very glad I swallowed my fear of people and went; it was really interesting and I met some cool people. My only wish for the event was that there were more opportunities to discuss stuff for non-important blogs – I thought the sessions and discussions were very centered on Blogs With a Purpose (advertising items or services or people, business blogs, specific-topic blogs) as opposed to those that exist for the pleasure of existing. Granted, I think I was in a very small minority (people who blog because if they don’t get words out in some way they will explode in a big sticky mess) as most of the attendees seemed to have themselves a Purpose. Also, the conference needed more video games. Hell, everything needs more video games.

Other than that though, I thought it was great. I’m already looking forward to next year, and I’d recommend it to pretty much anyone who has any sort of content on the internets at all. Good times!

And finally, Regrettable Things Ed Said Over the Weekend: “Ooh, she’s a GMILF!”

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