no wonder i’m so poor

Wide awake at 8am on a Saturday – what’s a girl to do?

Update the video game section, naturally.

I’ve been a busy girl. I’ve finished 7 more DS titles since my last game update, and posted reviews of them all. One more game made my shit list, and I’m in the middle of playing 4 new games on 4 different consoles.

How do I find the time to play this many games and still have a social life, you ask. The answer: I don’t HAVE a social life. Now shut up and pass me my PSP.

5 thoughts on “no wonder i’m so poor

  1. Well if you ever find yourself broke and unable to buy NEW games, you could do what I’ve been doing: troll and cherry pick some records to break :P They accept emulation input recordings so no need to dig through dusty boxes either.

    I’m hellbent on owning the genesis section, since I’m convinced I’ve played more Madden 93, Air Buster, Streets of Rage, etc than anyone else on earth…

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