the world ends with cheese

Last night (okay, early this morning) I finished the main story of The World Ends With You, and I have this to say:

Square Enix, I forgive you for Final Fantasy X.

The game is fucking amazing. It has everything you could want in an RPG, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out the game throws more stuff at you and it’s a giant, beautiful mess of intricacy and fun.

I suppose my forgiving SE is a little trite yet overdue – three of my top ten DS games were Square Enix titles, and it HAS been a very long time since I suffered through the horror of Final Fantasy X. Hell, I even played through Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, and while it wasn’t my *favourite* game out of the last 75 or so I’d played, it certainly wasn’t terrible. The World Ends With You more than makes up for any angst I had towards SE. I fucking *love* this game, and I’ve played enough DS titles to know what I like.

In fact, in no particular order, here is a list of DS titles that are my favouritest:

title – publisher – genre

*: imported from Japan; North American release is June 17th 2008 and you really ought to do yourself a favour and import a paddle
**: not available in North America; was only released in Japan and Europe which is unfortunate because it’s a hoot

Good times.

Other items to note:

  • Today is Shan’s birthday. Happy birthday, Shan! You are keen!
  • We leave for Edmonton in two days. Yesterday I packed clothing and shoes. Today I will pack toiletries and electronics. I have a separate duffle bag for device chargers alone, and I see no problem with this.
  • I am boycotting my vagina.


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