step one: fuck off

Few things fuel me into a rage of activity like having my job summed up as “making things pretty”.

By now it’s not much of a secret that I’m a technical writer – I make documents. Sometimes, I will take other people’s documents and clean them up so they’re a) accurate, b) easy to follow, and c) formatically perfect. Yes, I suppose this could all be dumbed up as “making things pretty”, but I do so much more than that – for example, I’m also a process mastermind. The reason I sit in on these boring-ass meetings isn’t because I’m here to take notes, I’m here to point out the ways in which you’ve fucked up and suggest an alternate process that makes life easier for a dozen people in the long run. And yes, I will document the processes I create when I’m done. I’ll even put some flowers in the margins, if you want it prettied up that badly. But when we’re in a meeting and you announce that Joe will do X and Ann with do Y and Fred will do Q and then “Kimli will just make it pretty”, you are an ass.

Also, I outrank you. So please fuck off, and thank you.

4 thoughts on “step one: fuck off

  1. Gotta love when people underestimate your work. There is someone here who has a habit of saying, “This’ll be easy,” when he has no idea how much work it will take. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and people forget that if you truly put time into your job, it’s not going to be something you just whip out. You’re going to check it over, make sure it’s right, do some tweaking, and produce awesome results.

    Bah on people like that. You should get credit for the talent you have to get your job done beautifully, and not be reduced to “making it pretty.” Heck, tech docs are often NOT pretty, so if you’re managing to make it look good as well, you are genius!

  2. Hmmm, As a designer, I often laugh at what copy-writers and technical writers come up with for layout. But I am sure you do make things pretty inadvertently. It should be a compliment, but I can see how the lack of understanding could piss you off.

  3. Jackasses.

    Spoken as someone who relies on them often, good technical writers do a whole lot for making things functional and understandable, and very little “making things pretty.”

    Besides, everyone knows the frivolous “making things pretty” sums up Marketing’s job.

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