falling for fall

Ed is home! He arrived home last night surprisingly early; around 6pm. I was happy to see him, as were the cats. Hooray for safe homecomings!

I was promptly spoiled with belated anniversary goodness. Ed went the traditional route, giving me a super cute opal and silver necklace from my favourite Edmonton-only jewellery store, some perfume that I had been coveting, and every girl’s dream: a massive sparkly Autobot patch the size of my head. It is huge and hilarious and will be applied to the back of my scooter jacket. Yay for presents! I too attempted to go traditional with the gift giving, although in a more literal sense: the old school gifts for a 6th anniversary are iron and candy, and the modern equivalent is wood. To this end, I found a gaudy yet hilarious wooden music box at the retro flea market with Happy Anniversary embossed on the top under an inch of lacquer, which I filled with candy. Iron came in the form of an Iron Man Pez dispenser, and to top the whole thing off, I bought him some naked women in a Suicide Girls photo book. Nothing says love like giving your husband anniversary porn.

I suppose it is officially time to stop living in the summer and face fall. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – fall is my favourite time of the year – but this morning there was some definite sadness as I reluctantly put on socks. Tonight will drive home the changing seasons even more, as Ed and I attend the first hockey game of the year. Soon I’ll have to start wearing pants again, and before long Oscar will need to be put away for the winter. That is all very depressing, so I will just kind of ignore it for now and instead concentrate on how pretty it is outside.

I am disappointed that the Wiki article for Fatal Hilarity is not about hilarious deaths but instead people who died from laughter.

I think I’m buying Shan’s old desk this week, and I’m beyond excited to rearrange my computer setup. My only concern is that I’m losing my shelves, which means I will have to find a new home for my many, many toys. I think I’m going to perhaps buy some shelving units for the wall where my desk used to be, because all my toys are small and irresistible and would promptly be eaten/destroyed by cats of all sizes. Plus, the Changing of the Desk will allow me space to set up my retro-tastic typewriter for old timey writing. It is super. Pictures will follow!

In the meantime however, please enjoy this impossibly cute picture Ed managed to take last night:

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