home for a rest

  • Went to Fright Night
  • Somehow managed to take 369 pictures
  • Was kicked off the Ferris wheel (“weight distribution problem” – the Ferris Wheel called me fat)
  • Was put back on the Ferris wheel and NOT ALLOWED TO GET OFF – seriously, we went around about 10 times and I was getting wheel sick
  • Reconvened at Denny’s with gang plus extras; disassembled then ate a club sandwich
  • Woke up horribly early on Saturday morning
  • Applied zombie makeup
  • Went to Mac’s for water in full getup; disappointed at lack of reaction
  • For one beautiful moment, knew what it was to be a grandmother famous – at one point, Shan and I had six photographers crowded around us taking pictures as we posed on the beach
  • Went for brunch at a ritzy restaurant, still zombie’d up
  • Got my brunch for free because my chicken and brie sandwich was missing brie
  • Left brunch to reconvene at a pub in Gastown; drew two directors out of a hat and have to do a photo project in the styles of Fellini and Gilliam
  • Finally dezombie’d; took nap
  • Mouthed off to strangers in Gastown
  • Went to hockey game!
  • Walked from GM Place to the Art Gallery to take photos of art projection
  • Walked from Art Gallery to Gastown
  • Was passive-aggressively assaulted by some chick walking in a group of Canucks supporters as they razzed Ed for his Oilers jersey
  • Ran out of latex gloves
  • Cleaned the apartment minus the bedroom
  • Bought a new TV – a 47” LG LCD, and a stand for it
  • Graduated from my beloved Canon S5 to a Pentax K200D :o
  • Somehow made $15 while purchasing Fable II
  • Set up the new TV and stand with Ed
  • Bought tickets to see Amanda Palmer in Vancouver in December
  • Made dinner for the home gang
  • Got a permit to blow shit up
  • Glad the work week has started; I need some rest

October has been one hell of a month. This is good, because November is looking to be very quiet – Ed is taking a Boring Insurance Course that runs every Saturday in November; Shan will be out of town the first and last weekend of the month, Josh is gone the first weekend and is taking most of Vancouver to Tofino for the next; and Miranda and Reilly have shoots and meetings lined up for the middle of November. So far the month is looking to be just me and Gillian sitting around in our underwear, but only because she hasn’t told me her plans for the month yet. I could be all alone. Normally this would upset me, but see above re: Fable II.

I adore my life.

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