nobody puts kimli in the corner

It figures – as soon as I’m told I can’t do something, I’m all mad about it even though it’s what I wanted all along.

There’s a procedure at work that is usually done by the Advanced Gene-Splicing Team, but ever since I figured out how to do it, I’ve been just splicing the genes myself. It’s faster, I can ensure it gets done when I need it done, and hey who doesn’t want the chance to play god from time to time? Unfortunately, word got out that I can splice genes with the best of them and for the last couple weeks I’ve been finding myself splicing more and more genes at the request of others. It was making me very grumpy, as I wasn’t just doing the work of the AGST but also the Molecular Restructurers, the DNA Fundamentalists, AND the guy who ships out the body parts when we’re done with them.

I’ve been really spreading myself thin with these extra duties, and completely ignoring my actual job to do the work of others. Yesterday I was completely downtrodden and world-weary about the entire thing, and a morning meeting away from telling everyone that I would no longer be their bitch – all requests needed to go through to the appropriate departments and they would all do their own part. It’s only fair, after all. I was never meant to actually do all the stuff that I am currently doing.

When I returned from lunch yesterday afternoon, I had an email in my inbox from the leader of the AGST telling me I was no longer allowed to splice genes and that his team MUST be the splicers to guard against foreign antibodies invading the nucleus of the cells. That’s good; it’s what I wanted. Each department is responsible for their own work.

.. except I HATE being told that I can’t do something, and now I’m all pissy that I’m not allowed to splice genes anymore.

It’s not FAIR. I can totally do it. I’m good at it. I can check for errors; I know how. Is it because I’m a girl? Because I’m not white? Why won’t you let me splice genes? I’m good enough to be on the Advanced Gene-Splicing Team! LET ME DO YOUR WORK, DAMNIT!

Isn’t that stupid? I’m fully aware of how utterly irrational I’m being, but at the same time I am totally cranky about it all. I don’t want to do the work. Yesterday I had a mini freak out over having to do the work. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to do the work, and all of a sudden I am MAD that I can’t do the work that I didn’t want to do in the first place.

I’m blaming this on hormones.

rage makes my face scrunchie

rage makes my face scrunchie

8 thoughts on “nobody puts kimli in the corner

  1. Noo, it makes sense. Yesterday you were all heroic doing extra work and being good at it and whatnot. But instead of getting recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty and being a superstar, you’re getting told off as if you had been naughty. If somebody had come to you and said “Gosh, you rock for doing all this extra work, we really appreciate it, thanks! We value your other work just as much, though, so we’ve put a stop to everybody taking your mad skillz for granted and are making them go to the people whose job it is so you have more time for other assorted awesomeness,” then I’m certain that you wouldn’t be pissy at all. You would be happy! Yay! They think I’m awesome and they noticed the extra work I’m doing! The head of Gene Splicing is very tactless and should have her or his wrist firmly slapped with a gene-splicing knife.

  2. Renee hit the nail on the head. Instead of thanking you for being so helpful and awesome you got reprimanded instead, probably because someone in that department is looking bad that they can’t accomplish their job as fast as you can. You should take this as a huge compliment even though it wasn’t presented that way to you.

  3. I third that motion. Your awesomeness has made the DNA Fundamentalists come to grips with their distinct lack of awesomeness, and so they’re trying to make themselves feel awesome and force everyone else to pretend that they’re awesome. I hate DNA Fundamentalists.

  4. I don’t think they were meaning to be rude or unthankful. It’s probably just management (or whoever) trying to enforce rules, and the only way they can keep people from making you do the work is to make it that you’re not allowed to. Just sending out a message saying “please be nice to Kimli and let her do her own job” isn’t going to change a thing with people. Obviously you’ve been helpful up until now and people will assume you’d continue, and any outburst of “no more!” they may just see as you having PMS today. I’ve been in that situation, and that’s exactly how people react. Next week, the same requests.

    But I can understand your reaction. A few jobs ago management made it that clients weren’t allowed to call or email me (the DBA) directly, and I wasn’t allowed to contact them directly, but it had to go through the channels. Except when stuff went wrong, and using those channels took forever, and it was easier just to talk directly. And I’d get in trouble for doing that. Bureaucracy that’s meant to streamline things ultimately denies you of some freedom as much as it’s trying to give you more.

  5. That’s one way to handle it.

    For the record, I’m not truly upset about it – I just found it funny that my first reaction to the email (which wasn’t meant to be mean, just a “please don’t do that because we’ll get in shit if something goes wrong” note) was of outrage instead of “sweet, now I have an excuse to not do their work”.

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