cans for comments

Miranda asked if I wanted to take part in this awesome food raiser, so I am delighted to announce my participation in Cans for Comments:

Cans for Comments

It’s very simple – comment on any Delicious Juice Dot Com post, and for every comment left between today and next Friday, I will donate one can of food to the food bank. Come out of the woodwork and say hello for an awesome cause!

These beautiful people are also taking part in the Cans for Comments blitz, so visit their sites and say hello to see even more cans donated to Vancouver’s food banks!

Blue Olive Photography | Jerk with a Camera | Chris & Lynn | Erin Gilmore | Amber Hughes | Lori Miles | Bebb Studios | CJ Scott | Jamie Delaine | Michael Wachniak | John Heil | Tracey Heppner | Krystal Wyman |

89 thoughts on “cans for comments

  1. random: that picture of Ed on the highway, doing ‘Watch For Rock On Road’? I made that my work laptop wallpaper, because it still makes me smile.

  2. BTW Kimli, if for some reason that digg gets a lot of traffic here, let me know and I will help you with your cans.

    That’s right, I said it, your cans.

  3. When I read “cans for comments” I immediately thought “Kimli’s going to show us her cans?” and I was terribly disappointed at the flagrant lack of boobies herein. Oh, well. =)

  4. Get some comments. Feed some hungry people.

    This idea has revolutionized the ways that I can be charitable and lazy at the same time.

  5. I’m usually a lot more creative with my comments here, but frankly… I’d rather play videogames right now :)

  6. So I’m a really literal guy. Is it every comment on ANY of your posts, or just this one?

    Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a picture of the mountains of cans you will be donating as a result of this. Preferably with you beside them for a sense of scale.

    Also also, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND canned potato variations: whole, sliced, or diced. they are ALL EXCELLENT and for whatever reason, most of my Canadian friends apparently don’t know how freakin’ kick-ass canned potato products are. Seriously, I love them and I know anyone who is trying to make anything out of cans for meals would love them too. If you see canned potato items when you’er can shopping, can you please grab a can of potato product on my behalf. I know we don’t get to shoose the cans. But c’mon. But even if not, you’re still the most kick-ass person I know anywhere ever.

  7. “kimli is super awesome and clearly the best router wrangler I have ever seen even when she is swearing loudly” ~ LOL thought this one was too funny not to post!

  8. This is a very good idea! I hope it is true and not one of those “do this and for every X so & so will get $1” ;)


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