16 thoughts on “overkill

  1. I wonder what it’s like being the middle sibling in that family.

    How do the parents make sure they spend enough time with each kid? Do they have a system like the Mayor of Whoville ( ala Horton Hears A Who )? Or does each one just get 1.5 days out of the month?

    I have many questions, many snarky comments, and few answers.


    I thought the woman I met while I was in SLC for a friend’s wedding, was bad? She’d just had twins, to round out her family of 14. She was only 38. Uh… Ya. Time to stop having sex if you don’t believe in birth control.

  3. Finally, Rea’s mom (my mother-in-law) is one of 17 kids. Coincidentally, her mother’s maiden name was “Rabbit”. They were also Catholic. Can this get even more strange?

  4. What worries me is WHY these people, and others like them, are popping out kids like they’re Tic Tacs.

    They want their own, homeschooled, right-wing Christian armies of hard-programmed nutters to go out and take over, without any thought to others’ beliefs (because they are all WRONG), and populate their government (and ours, I’m sure) with their masses. CHILLING.

    You don’t see any radically-leftist types popping out dozens of kids, homeschooling them in the ways of climbing trees in protest, etc. NO. Because they’re busy NOT having children because the planet is already over-populated!

    When you think about this… well, I do think I might wanna grab a drink, actually. Then, if you’re brave, you could check out their family website – or more sanely, perhaps, the Wikipedia page which explains their “Quiverfull” beliefs (making their own army of God).


  5. What I find is interesting about this whole Quiverfull thing, is that how many of these families that make this choice actually can afford to have THAT many children. How many of these families are getting government handouts because they have so many kids? I am a advocate for wellfare and government support, however I think that this could take it too far…

  6. I think there is nothing wrong with many, many, children being born into a loving family who plans to have them. It is my opinion that the burnden is with the mothers and fathers who have children and are not resposible, those are the people that should stop.

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